sport1 - Copy (2)For Pro Race 50km

Mandatory requirements for participation in Pro race:

  • Must be between 18-60 yrs of age. (under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
  • Should have previous experience of riding a Road race.
  • Should have excellent medical fitness.
  • Organizers have the right to accept or reject the entries for Pro race.
  • Cut-off time for 50km race is 2 hours
  • Must be in possession of racing bicycle as per the specification of International Cycling Union (UCI). For example :
    1. Bicycle weight not less than 6.8 kg
    2. Wheels of equal diameters 700CC
    3. Frames triangular shape, Carbon or alloy
    4. Wheels of traditional pattern, spoke wheel with min 12 spokes
    5. Standard bicycle helmet for road racing
    6. Appropriate racing clothing, lycra shorts, jerseys
    7. Pedals & shoes

For Prize Money

  1. Min 10 participants required to eligible for the 1st prize in cash, min 15 participant for 2nd Prize, min 20 participants for 3rd Min of 30 participants required to give consolation prizes
  2. Cash prizes are subject to Indian Income Tax Act and Rules
  3. Prizes will be awarded for both Men and Women in Pro-race and Amateur race
  4. Organizers reserve right to with held the cash prize if riders protest against any cheating by the winners
  5. If any rider has valid objection on the declared results and if they found any cheating by riders they can protest against it within 30mins after the race
  6. Decision of the organizer and race officials will be final

General Rules for participants in all categories

  1. The participants are required to report 1 hour before the ride start time. The time for flag will be 6.30 AM.
  2. Participant must check all the cycle specifications (model and structure) and cycle parts (like brakes, pedal, etc.) thoroughly before the event.
  3. No cycles will be provided by the organizers to any of the participant under any circumstances.
  4. Participant found riding his/her cycle without the helmet at any time during the race would be disqualified.
  5. A normal health check-up to ensure that the participant is not on any kind of drugs. If any participant is found to have consumed any kind of drugs, he/she will be disqualified immediately.
  6. Participants suffering from serious physical and/or health problems may not be permitted to participate.
  7. No medical insurance will be provided by the organizers to the participants
  8. Any kind of cheating or misbehavior with any of the participants during the cycling rounds, if noticed by the event management team, shall lead to immediate disqualification.
  9. All riders in any ride will have to bring their own bicycle, support equipment, water bottles and ride essentials
  10. Accommodation, Food will be provided to Pro Race Participants.
  11. Sleeper Class Railway ticket fare will be provided to Pro Race Participants on submission of ORIGINAL TICKET.